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  1. Introduction
  2. BC Search Custom Privacy Policy
  3. BC Search Custom Cookie Policy
  4. Ability to update the policies
  5. Contact Details

1) Introduction

This policy is applicable to all users.

Privacy on BC Brands

BC Brands always have our user’s privacy and security in mind. We aim to provide services that offer great functionality without compromising on your security or privacy. That’s why our services such as BC Search don’t track you for their own gain using targeted advertising. Whilst BC Brands may make money such as adverts on BC Search, we never use or share your data for reasons such as improving adverts.

Introduction to Cookies

Many BC Brand sites use cookies on websites and store personal data. Because of this, we legally need to provide our users with a Privacy & Cookie Policy.

To learn about what cookies are and different types of cookies, please visit https://host.bcwd.site/docs/cookies.

Published on 3rd October 2020 at 17:04 (BST).

2) BC Search Custom Privacy Policy

This policy is applicable to all users of a BC Search Custom Solution.

Information we collect

BC Search collects your name, email address and any other information provided when you contact us by email. The BC Search website does not collect any personally-identifiable information. BC Analytics may collect anonymised data that lets us improve our website.

How we collect the information

The data collected as explained above is collected when you email us, visit our website or contact us by any other means.

How we store, use, share and disclose your personal information

Some data may be stored by BC Search and BC Analytics may store some non-identifiable information. Your data will never be shared with any individual or organisation outside of the BC Brands Group unless required by law.


By using our website, our services or by emailing us, you agree for us to communicate with you to: notify you regarding your account, to troubleshoot problems with your account, to resolve a dispute, to poll your opinions through surveys or questionnaires, to send updates about our company, or as otherwise necessary to contact you to enforce any agreement we may have with you.

For these purposes, we may contact you via email. To prevent phishing, check that any emails you receive regarding BC Search are actually from us. All emails from BC Brands will end with ‘[DIVISION NAME].bcwd.site’ (except BC Website Design which ends with ‘bcwebsitedesign.co.uk’).

How long do we retain your information?

Any analytics data will be stored for a maximum of 5 years. Any other information collected such as that provided by emailing us could be retained indefinitely.

How you will be able to withdraw your consent

You can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing contact+privacy@search.bcwd.site with a subject of ‘Withdraw Data Consent’. Please provide in the body of the email, your email and name. We will try to process your request and remove any data we may store within two weeks.

Published on 3rd October 2020 at 17:04 (BST).

3) BC Search Custom Cookie Policy

This policy is applicable to all users of a BC Search Custom Solution.

Cookies used on BC Search (Custom)

BC Search does not place any cookies directly on custom search solutions. Note that if you are a BC Search user, cookies used on BC Search may be listed when you view cookies on BC Search Custom solutions. However, these cookies cannot communicate data or any information with BC Search Custom Solutions.

Your Consent

You agree to the usage of BC Search Cookies when you visit BC Search. Otherwise, if you are not a BC Search user, you do not need to consent/withdraw consent for cookies as none are used.

Published on 3rd October 2020 at 17:04 (BST).

4) Ability to Update the Policies

This policy is applicable to all users.

BC Search is constantly changing and improving its services. This means that the types and amounts of data is always changing as well as how we collect it. Because of this, BC Search reserves the right to update any of the policies listed on this page at any time. Changes will take effect immediately after their publishing on our site, https://search.bcwd.site/privacy.html. Note at the bottom of this policy, there is a date published/updated. Also, major changes are highlighted in yellow to help you understand what has changed recently. Remember to check these policies regularly and fully read any that may apply to you.

Published on 3rd October 2020 at 17:04 (BST).

5) Contact Details

This policy is applicable to all users.

You can contact BC Search via email at any time. Please contact the relevant email to make it easier for us to address your privacy concerns.

For BC Search General Queries: contact@search.bcwd.site

For BC Search Privacy Queries: contact+privacy@search.bcwd.site

For BC Search Admin Console General Queries: admin@search.bcwd.site

For BC Search Admin Console Privacy Queries: admin+privacy@search.bcwd.site

For BC Search Advertising General Queries: adverts@search.bcwd.site

For BC Search Advertising Privacy Queries: adverts+privacy@search.bcwd.site

For All BC Search Custom Solutions Queries: emails+bc-search-custom@bcwd.site

Published on 3rd October 2020 at 17:04 (BST).